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Family Vacation in Balesin

06/28/2013 | By: The Bag Hag

Hey everyone! Apologies for not having written! I’m currently on holiday with family in Balesin and there is no wifi in the room. Luckily I am using SMART on mobile (apparently, no other mobile network works here) and am able to do a quick post because the SMART 3G connection is super fast!! :)

Balesin is a huge island, just 20mins away by plane from Manila. By far it is the most accessible-by-short-distance-travel  beach with white sand (though not as white as Boracay or El Nido or Amanpulo). Amenities are pretty remarkable, and ongoing developments within the island are impressive too.


Enjoyed a 90 minute massage yesterday (I slept like a log somewhere in between lol),


and had a wonderful dinner at the restaurant within Mykonos, the Greek- themed village.

My kids’ breakfast orders at the Balesin Sala were great: one had bacon & eggs, the other had corned beef. However, my order was not good- I had the Vigan longganisa and it was very hard & dry :( No matter though, the view during breakfast was more than enough to make up for it– even if it was raining. *Tomorrow’s breakfast will be at the main clubhouse- was told the brekkie buffet selection is good*

Anyway we are just waiting a bit for the rain to stop so we can take a quick dip in the water and then explore the rest of the massive island :)


Hoping we get lucky again later to enjoy a breathtaking sunset by the beach like yesterday :)


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