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Guest Feedback

Thank You Letter from Miko Javellana

08/06/2013 | By: Miko Javellana and Family

To the Balesin, Alphaland staff, resident Balesin doctors and owner Bobby Ongpin,

On behalf of my family, my wife Fatima and my 6 month old daughter Lucia who were part of the Vargas entourage that arrived at Balesin last May 16, we would like to extend our sincerest thanks for all the small miracles that you and your team accomplished in order to give me a second chance at life. Looking back at all the events surrounding my ordeal, from the time I felt my First pangs of chest pains at the sports center up to the point where I was rushed to the hospital at St. Luke’s Fort, you cannot imagine the many things that could have gone wrong that day. A minute too late; a delay at any point; a misdiagnosis; a plane not arriving on time; a golf cart not being available; preparedness of the staff and overall understanding of the situation, could have meant the difference between me being alive or not. 

So I write this letter not only as a thank you for all of your efforts and ability to respond to an emergency situation but also as a reminder to maintain the quality of service and standards of excellence which make you a top tier resort. Your commitment to these values will always make a difference and is what will set you apart from the rest. The fact that I am still here writing to you and in good health is a testimonial to your hard work and efforts.

A big thank you to the doctors who were present with me and who made the proper diagnosis. Dr. Galvez for his quick thinking and proper assessment of the situation as well as Dra. Pataan and the other resident doctor of Balesin who accompanied me in the plane and kept me stable throughout the entire trip to the hospital. With the limited resources you had, you still managed to find a way to keep me conscious and lucid despite the pain. This went a long way in making sure my heart muscles were not damaged permanently.

Thank you as well to the sports center staff person manning the gym who saw that I was looking fatigued and offered me a glass of water without me having to ask for it. It took away the pain even for a moment. Thank you also to the golf cart driver who just showed up at the sports center. I later found out that the golf cart request I made arrived 4-5 minutes later and the fact that he was there before that was a blessing in disguise. He was talking to me the whole time asking me what I was feeling and just trying to keep me distracted from the pain on my way to the clubhouse clinic. Thank you also as well to the staff that transported me from clinic to the plane and who attended to me immediately when I arrived in Manila. Your expediency and sense of urgency went a long way to ensuring I survived.

Thank you to the Alphaland ground crew and pilots who were able to fly me and my family out of the island with no delays in the span of t hour. Your professionalism and grace under pressure really came through and I cannot begin to count the precious minutes that were saved because of this.

And last but not least, a big thank you to Mr. Bobby Ongpin. By chance or by fate, I am not sure why you were there on the island, but the fact that you were there with your personal medical staff and overseeing the Vargas clan as well as the rest of the guests at the resort was a major factor to ensuring I got the best care and attention at every point. Balesin and the people that comprise your organization are a testament to your vision and foresight to what a great resort should be in the face of an emergency. Did I mention to you that I had a great time while I was there?! I spent 2 full days enjoying the resort with my family and the rest of the clan. This was one of the few places where the whole family truly felt togetherness, relaxation and fun. I can't wait to go back and experience the rest of Balesin.

A big thank you to all of you and for the prayers that were sent my way. It was an orchestra of perfection in which every inch, every minute, and every word from your staff gave me a second chance at life and a chance to still enjoy being a father to my family. This is a priceless gift which I will never forget.

Best wishes,


Miko Javellana and Family