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From Balesin with Love Photo Contest





FROM BALESIN WITH LOVE Photo Contest extended until August 29, 2014!

Win an overnight stay for 4 in Balesin*, round-trip airfare to Balesin, or dinner for 2 in Balesin with a bottle of wine!

Theme: Nature's Secrets

A. Technical aspect: 25%
- Used the following in his images: exposure focus, sharpness, depth of field, color rendition, contrast and lighting
B. Visual aspect: 25%
- Photo embodied framing and viewpoint, background, design elements and principles; 
- Had appropriate application of photographic techniques
- Photo has excellent visual impact
- The photo was shot creatively.
C. Content: 25%
- The photo contains information, emotion, mood, symbolism and meaning
- There is communication through the language of photography
- Photo is relevant to the theme
- The subject has impact.
- The photo tells a story.
D. General characteristics: 25%
- The photo has originality, style and context, insight and validity
- The photo embodies a photographic vision
TOTAL: 100%

1. All amateur and professional photography enthusiasts who are members or guests of Balesin Island Club (who have already visited the island) may join the contest.
2. Photo must be taken during their stay in Balesin Island Club. Guests and members must provide details of their stay (date of visit and name of the Balesin member who they went with– for the guests).
3. The photograph must depict the theme, which varies monthly. 
4. All entries must be posted on Balesin Island Club’s Facebook page, including details such as the title of the photo and the name of the photographer. Entries must be posted on or before 12 noon, every Friday of the week (selection of 12 finalists will be on weekly basis – 3 finalists per week). Photographers can post multiple entries.
5. All entries must be original material taken by the guest/ member and should not include watermarks, signatures, frames, date and/or time stamps.
6. Slight digital manipulation is allowed but enhancements must be limited to basic post- processing such as adjustment of contrast, balancing, sharpening, cropping, dodging, and burning. Use of filters is also allowed.
7. All entries must be exclusive to the contest within the duration of the From Balesin With Love photo contest. Entries must not have been submitted to any other photo contests. Entries should not be submitted for any other contests within a year after entering the contest.
8. Balesin Island Club respects the rights of the photographer and recognizes that the copyright of the photo belongs to the photographer. We will give appropriate credit whenever the photo will be used for different purposes such as information, advocacy, campaigns and promotions, whether print, online, or any other medium. That said, by participating in the contest, the owner of the photo agrees to share his/ her copyright with Balesin Island Club/ Alphaland Corporation. 
9. Employees of Alphaland and Balesin Island Club are prohibited from entering the contest unless they are members or have been guests of members and have visited Balesin (not for work purposes).
1. Every month there will be a featured theme.
2. The top 3 photos/finalists will be announced on Balesin Island Club’s Facebook page.

*Winner of villa night to pay for flights as well as food & beverage consumed.