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October and November Activities



Family Amazing Race
Our version of the popular TV reality show, Balesin-style!


Choose Your Own Adventure!
Mix, match, and create your own activities!
P 2,500 / set


Surfing 101
Get on your boards and ride the waves of Balesin
P 1,800 / 1.5 hour session
(Inclusive of surfboard rental and instructor fee)


Under the Sea with Roxy
Be Ariel for a day!
Our instructor Roxy from the Mermaid Institute is ready to help you flaunt those fins


Paraw Sailing
Sail along Balesin’s crystal clear waters and enjoy this fun water activity
Aquatic Sports Center


Hit the water. Get up. And hit it again!
Enjoy the thrill of the pull and splash of Balesin’s waters.
Wakeboarding in the island never goes out of style!
P 3,000 / hour


Honor your body, concentrate and restore inner peace.
Balesin is the best place to totally forget about the metro’s stress and enjoy this soul-nourishing activity


Let the war games begin!
Engage in all-out jungle warfare as you shoot to win
P 800 / 30 bullets


Get on your bikes and Explore Balesin!
Hop on our Mountain Bikes or ride in pairs on our special Tandem Bicycles!
Mountain Bikes: P 300 / day
Tandem Bikes: P 400 / 4 hours
6 AM to 6 PM