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A destination of unmatched natural beauty located off the eastern coast of Luzon in the Philippines, Balesin Island Club, Alphaland Corporation’s flagship project, is a 500-hectare tropical island paradise with 7.3 kilometers of pristine white-sand beaches.

Located 21 kilometers southeast of Polillo, Quezon Province and just 60 nautical miles east of Manila, Balesin is approximately a 20-minute plane ride from Manila, yet is a world completely unto itself. Alphaland Balesin Island Club is your unique, members-only, private leisure getaway-today and for generations to come.

Master-planned by EcoPlan of Miami, Florida, USA, Balesin Island Club was designed with the environment uppermost in mind and to be in perfect harmony with its natural surroundings. Water harvesting, 80% water recycling, a reverse osmosis plant, on-site eco-friendly transportation, organic farming, and alternative sources of energy reduce the amount of waste and ensure sustainable development on this beauty of an island – without scrimping on luxurious, top-notch facilities. The club aims to enhance everything in its environment; the lushness of the large forest sanctuary and the promulgation of the surrounding marine sanctuaries.

Balesin Island Club offers villas and amenities patterned after some of the most luxurious beachside resorts around the world. With a main clubhouse and destination spa as the centerpiece, Balesin has seven themed villages with numerous villas and suites. These include Balesin, Bali, Phuket, Mykonos, St. Tropez, Costa del Sol and Toscana. In each village, everything from the architecture, interior design, landscaping and food is authentically recreated.

Towards the end of 2014, Balesin Island Club unveiled The Balesin Royal Villa. It is situated on the southern side of the island, on a bluff with a view of Lamon Bay and, in the distance, the Sierra Madre mountain range on the mainland. Meticulously designed, it takes the best of Asian royal heritage and blends it into something wholly original.