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Island Features

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Outdoor Activities

• Archery - Archery Range, near the Sports Center
• Basketball - Outdoor Basketball Court, Sports Center
• Bicycling - Bicycles are available for use at the Main Clubhouse
• Bird Watching - Aviary
• Boating - Speedboats and sailboats may be rented at the Main Clubhouse
• Fishing - deep sea, on board one of our fleet of speedboats, or gallery fishing at Fish Fun or Family Picnic Grove
• Gardening - Balesin has an Organic Vegetable Farm, where guests may harvest their own salads
• Hiking - 5 kms. of mapped Nature Trails
• Horse riding - Island Trail Ride, Bullring (equestrian), at the Stables
• Kayaking - Aquatic Sports Center
• Knockerball
• Mountain Biking - The highest point of Balesin is just above 10m above sea level, but we do have mountain bikes available for rent
• Paddle Boarding, Standup - Aquatic Sports Center
• Paintball/war games - Sports Center
• Picnicking - Family Picnic Grove, which also offers fishing
• Sailing, Hobie Bravo - Aquatic Sports Center
• Sailing, Paraw (native boat) - Aquatic Sports Center
• Scuba Diving - Aquatic Sports Center
• Segway - Sports Center
• Snorkeling - Aquatic Sports Center
• Surfing - Available at certain seasons, off various beaches. Our Aquatic Sports Center staff will show you the different breaks.
• Swimming - Beach swimming with lifeguards is available at specified schedules. The Clubhouse has a Lagoon Pool, three Outdoor Whirlpools, and a Kiddie Pool; each village has one or more pools, Mykonos Cove Deck has five Outdoor Whirlpools, and Poseidon has an indoor/outdoor pool; the Balesin Spa has a private pool; The Balesin Royal Villa has two outdoor swimming pools and two outdoor Jacuzzis
• Tanning - the main beach and all pool areas are provided with sun lounges.
• Tennis - Outdoor Tennis Court, Sports Center
• Track and Soccer Field
• Volleyball (beach) - Aquatic Sports Center
• Wakeboarding - Aquatic Sports Center
• Waterskiing - Aquatic Sports Center
• Windsurfing (sailboarding) - Aquatic Sports Center

Indoor Activities

• Airsoft Target Shooting Range - Sports Center
• Badminton - Indoor Courts, Sports Center
• Basketball - Indoor Basketball Court, Sports Center
• Billiards - Game Room, Main Clubhouse, The Balesin Royal Villa, Sports Center
• Boxing, with trainer - Sports Center
• Children’s Indoor Playroom - Main Clubhouse
• Dance and Yoga Studio - Sports Center
• Dancing - Ballroom, Latin, and other styles at various events throughout the island
• Fußbol (table football)- Game Room, Main Clubhouse, The Balesin Royal Villa
• Futsal - Sports Center (usually done in the indoor Basketball Court)
• Gym - Sports Center
• Internet Hotspot
• Karaoke- Babes’ , Mike’s and Rannie’s KTV Rooms, Main Clubhouse, KTV Room in The Balesin RoyalVilla
• Mahjong- Mahjong Rooms, Main Clubhouse
• Mixed Martial Arts, with trainer- Sports Center
• Music Lounge - Costa del Sol
• Poker and other card games- Poker Rooms, Main Clubhouse
• Reading- E.L. Tordesillas Library.
• Rock Climbing Wall- Sports Center
• Singing- Babes’, Mike’s and Rannie’s KTV Rooms, Main Clubhouse; KTV Room in The Balesin Royal Villa
• Smoking- Tabacalera Cigar Divan, Main Clubhouse
• Table Tennis (Ping Pong) - Game Room, Main Clubhouse, Sports Center
• Tennis - Indoor Tennis Court, Sports Centre, Sports Center
• Wii©- Wii© Room, Main Clubhouse


• Aroma Therapy Oil Massage
• Ear Candling with Head and Shoulder Massage
• Facial Massage 
• Massage, Balesin Balance (Eastern and Western)- Balesin Spa
• Massage, Balesin signature (hot banana leaves)- Balesin Spa
• Massage, Foot Spa - Balesin Spa
• Massage, Full Body Scrub - Balesin Spa
• Massage, Island Hot Stones - Balesin Spa
• Massage, Shiatsu - Balesin Spa
• Massage, Swedish - Balesin Spa
• Sauna and Steam Bath - Balesin Spa


• Dining - Breakfast buffet, Main Clubhouse Lounge
• Dining - Filipino, Main Clubhouse Lounge, Balesin Dining Room, Veranda, Balesin Sala
• Dining - The Balesin Sunset Sweets, Main Clubhouse
• Dining - Japanese at Sakura, Main Clubhouse
• Dining - Korean at Han Gang, Main Clubhouse
• Dining - Fish, catch-it-yourself, at Fish Fun and Family Picnic Grove
• Dining - Indonesian at Bali Warung and Nusa Dua Bar
• Dining - Thai at Salathip, Phuket Village
• Dining - Greek, at Thanassis Taverna and Cove Deck, Mykonos Village, and Poseidon, Mykonos Beach Villas
• Dining - French at Les Restaurants de St. Tropez
• Dining - Creperie at St. Tropez Village
• Dining - Spanish at the Restaurante Español and Tapas Bar, Costa del Sol Village
• Dining - Italian at Trattoria Toscana Village
• Dining - Private Michelle’s and Anna’s at Main Clubhouse
• Dining - Private Dining Rooms at Bali, Phuket, St. Tropez, Costa del Sol, and Toscana Villages
• Dining - The Balesin Royal Villa (pre-arranged)
• Dining - Chilean at Un Rincon de Chile Cochagua, Toscana Village
• Dining - Barbecue, Rico’s Hideaway
• Dining - Balesin Seafood Shack
• Dining - Family Picnic Grove


• Beauty treatment - Salon, Main Clubhouse
• Event and conference facilities - The Balesin Royal Villa, function rooms, Main Clubhouse Haircut and grooming - Barber Shop, Main Clubhouse
• Locker Rooms (Men’s , Women’s, & Children’s) – Main Clubhouse and Sports Center
• Shopping - The Balesin Souvenir Shop – Clubhouse Ground Floor beside the E.L. Tordesillas Library; E.L. Tordesillas Airport
• Worship - The Balesin Chapel offers regular Catholic masses on Saturdays and Sundays, and other days of Catholic observance. It is open all day for private prayer, and is available for weddings and other occasions.


• Bicycling - Bicycles are available at the MainClubhouse
• Golf Cart rides - all over the island
• Jeepney rides - all over the island
• Segway - Sports Center