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Island Features

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Outdoor Activities

• Archery - Archery Range at the Sports Center
• Basketball - Outdoor Basketball Court at the Sports Center
• Bicycling - Bicycles are available for use at the Main Clubhouse
• Birdwatching - The Aviary
• Boating - Speedboats and sailboats may be rented at the Aquatic Sports Center
• Fishing - Deep sea, on board one of our fleet of speedboats, or gallery fishing at Fish Fun or Family Picnic Grove
• Gardening - Balesin has an Organic Vegetable Garden, where guests may harvest their own salads
• Hiking - 400+ hectares of forest and banana fields (Nature Trail)
• Horseback Riding - Island Trail Ride, Bullring (equestrian), at the Stables
• Kayaking - Aquatic Sports Center
• Kiteboarding - Our Aquatic Sports staff will show you the best locations.
Available seasonally off certain beaches.
• Mountain Biking - The highest point of Balesin is just 10m above sea level,
but we do have mountain bikes available for rent
• Paddle Boarding, Standup - Aquatic Sports Center
• Paintball/War Games - Sports Center
• Picnicking - Family Picnic Grove, which also offers fishing
• Sailing, Hobie Bravo - Aquatic Sports Center
• Sailing, Paraw (native boat) - Aquatic Sports Center
• Scuba Diving - Aquatic Sports Center
• Segway - Sports Center
• Snorkeling - Aquatic Sports Center
• Sunbathing - The main beach and all pool areas are provided with sun lounges.
• Surfing - Available at certain seasons, off various beaches. Our Aquatic Sports Center will show you the different
• Swimming - Beach swimming with lifeguards is available at specified schedules. The Clubhouse has a Lagoon Pool,
three Outdoor Whirlpools, and a Kiddie pool; each village has one or more pools, Mykonos Cove Deck has five
Outdoor Whirlpools, and Poseidon has an indoor/outdoor pool; the Balesin Spa has a private pool
• Tennis - Outdoor Tennis Court, Sports Center
• Volleyball (beach) - Balesin Sala Beach Area
• Wakeboarding - Aquatic Sports Center
• Waterskiing - Aquatic Sports Center
• Windsurfing (sailboarding)- Aquatic Sports Center

Indoor Activities

• Airsoft Target Shooting Range - Sports Center
• Badminton - Indoor Courts, Sports Center
• Basketball - Indoor Basketball Court, Sports Center
• Billiards - Game Room, Main Clubhouse
• Boxing, with trainer - Sports Center
• Children’s Indoor Playroom - Main Clubhouse
• Dancing - Ballroom, Latin, and other styles at various events throughout the island
• Gym - Sports Center
• Karaoke - Babes’, Mike’s and Rannie’s KTV Rooms, Main Clubhouse
• Mahjong - Mahjong Rooms, Main Clubhouse
• Mixed Martial Arts, with trainer - Sports Center
• Poker and other card games - Poker Rooms, Main Clubhouse
• Reading - E.L. Tordesillas Library, Main Clubhouse
• Rock Climbing Wall - Sports Center
• Smoking - Tabacalera Cigar Divan, Main Clubhouse
• Table Tennis (Ping Pong) - Game Room, Main Clubhouse
• Tennis - Indoor Tennis Court, Sports Center
• Wii© - Wii© Room, Main Clubhouse


• Dining - Breakfast buffet, Main Clubhouse Lounge
• Dining - Filipino, Main Clubhouse Lounge, Balesin Dining Room, Verandah, Balesin Sala
• Dining - Fish, catch-it-yourself, at Fish Fun and Family Picnic Grove
• Dining - French, at St. Tropez Village
• Dining - Greek at Thanassis Taverna and Cove Deck, Mykonos Village, and Poseidon, Mykonos Beach Villas
• Dining - Indonesian at Bali Warung and Nusa Dua Bar
• Dining - Italian at Toscana Village
• Dining - Korean at Han Gang, Main Clubhouse
• Dining - Japanese at Sakura, Main Clubhouse
• Dining - Spanish at the Restaurante Español and Tapas Bar, Costa del Sol Village
• Dining - Thai at Salathip, Phuket Village
• Dining - Mongolian BBQ and mixed grill for lunch and cocktails for sunset at Rico’s Hideaway
• Dining - Seafood at Balesin Seafood Shack and Fish Fun
• Dining, Private - Michelle’s and Anna’s at Main Clubhouse, Private Dining Rooms at Bali, Phuket, St. Tropez, Costa del Sol Village, Toscana, and Mykonos Village
• Cocktails - The Main Clubhouse has three bars, the Pool bars serve the swimming pools and the beach, and the sala of each village has a bar with general cocktails and drinks and wines unique to its theme. The open-air Nusa Dua bar at Bali village sits on stilts on the water.



• Massage (various types) - Balesin Spa, and Aegle Wellness Center
• Sauna and Steam Bath - Balesin Spa, and Aegle Wellness Center
• Thalassotherapy - Aegle Wellness Center
• Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy - Aegle Wellness Center
• IV Therapy - Aegle Wellness Center
• Colon Hydrotherapy - Aegle Wellness Center
• A Day of Total Wellness Program, Weekend Wellness Program, Four-Day Natural Wellness Program, A Week of Wellness Program, Couple's A day of Detox, Balesin Leisure and Detox Program - Aegle Wellness Center


• Beauty treatment - Salon, Main Clubhouse
• Haircut and grooming - Barber Shop, Main Clubhouse
• Locker Rooms (Men’s and Women’s) - Main Clubhouse and Sports Center
• Meetings and Conference facilities - Function Rooms, Main Clubhouse
• Shopping - Sundries and souvenirs at Balesin Souvenir Shop, MainClubhouse
• Worship - The Balesin Chapel offers regular Catholic masses on Sundays, and other days of Catholic observance. It is open all day for private prayer, and available for weddings and other occasions.


• Golf cart rides - All over the island
• Jeepney rides - All over the island
• Bicycling - Bicycles are available for use at the Main Clubhouse