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Alphaland Aviation

General Terms and Conditions

To view our General Terms and Conditions please click the respective links below:

General Terms and Conditions

Baggage Checklist

Pre-Departure Guidelines

Provisions for Dangerous Goods carried by Passengers or Crew


How to get to CAAP/Alphaland Hangar or Alphaland Clark Hangar

CAAP/Alphaland Hangar Map

Alphaland Clark Hangar Map


For those taking the shuttle to the Alphaland Clark Hangar

TriNoma-Clark Airport Lounge

Flight Terms and Conditions:

    • Flight schedule shown may change due to weather, air traffic congestion, or availability of aircraft. The club management reserves the right to change or cancel a confirmed flight schedule affected by force majeure (weather, airport closure, etc.)
    • A cancellation fee equivalent to one-way airfare will be imposed if a member or guest fails to inform Reservations Department about the cancellation 48 hours prior to date of departure.
    • No show fee equivalent to one-way airfare will be imposed if a member or guest misses their confirmed flight schedule.
    • Only infants below 24 months are considered free of charge and will be seated on the lap of an adult. Proof of the infant's date of birth must be presented upon check-in for verification. Allowed number of infants per flight will depend on the aircraft to be used.
    • Expectant mothers need to present a Medical Certificate before they are allowed to board the aircraft. Expectant mothers who are between 24-32 weeks pregnant are required to present a Medical Certificate indicating that they are fit to fly. Expectant mothers who are more than 32 weeks pregnant are not allowed to fly.
    • All alcoholic beverages, soda, tetra packed milk and juices, perishables such as fast food take-out, burgers, pizza, donuts, chicken meals, cup noodles, breads, pastries, fruits and chocolates are prohibited from being brought into Balesin.  Any items of this kind will be collected at the hangar for disposal.  Snacks such as chips, biscuits, crackers, and nuts are allowed.  
    • In compliance with the policy of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP), check-in counters will close 45 mins. before  departure time, whereas aircraft doors will close doors 10 mins. before departure time. Passengers are required to check-in at least 2 hours before the Estimated Time of Departure.