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About the Developer

We are unique in that we are very selective in the property development projects that we undertake.  We focus only on high-end and top-of-the-line properties. 

We do not intend to be, and will never be, all things to all people.


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EcoPlan's portfolio of work spans 24 countries, with an emphasis on the Southeastern United States, Caribbean and Latin American regions. In each project, EcoPlan's goal is to develop creative solutions, while pursuing the highest level of ecological sensitivity possible. Having worked on most projects with multi-disciplinary teams, EcoPlan understands the importance of working with experts in other related fields to bring about the best possible solution for both the client and the environment.

Some of their more notable projects include: Four Seasons Papagayo, Anassa Resort in Cyprus, Pamushana Safari Camp in Zimbabwe and Isla Del Rey in Panama.

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Enrico M. Sison is a key member of the team at Balesin. Rico has been working with Mr. Ongpin for close to 20 years starting with Tagaytay Highlands. He is clearly a gifted designer, well-travelled, and fully appreciates the design objectives. Rico is given credit for the world class design of the facilities and the landscape at the Balesin Island Club.