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About Balesin


One of the great enigmas that faces all exotic island destinations is – how do I get there? For Balesin Island Club members, we have solved the problem for you – we have our own turbo prop aircraft as well as private chartered planes to ferry you back and forth on a regularly scheduled basis. As a member, you are entitled to the luxury of your own departure lounge and terminal through Balesin Island Club's personal arrangements.

In case of any unexpected medical emergencies, Balesin Island Club has a private plane on standby.


A. Practices





Balesin Island Club utilizes revolutionary concepts and technologies to keep its natural surroundings as pristine as possible. A prime example is the 1.5 kilometer runway which doubles as a rainwater catchment. It can divert over 200 million liters of water per year into several man-made lakes found within the island's interior. The harvested water is then processed via ultrafiltration into potable drinking water which is then distributed throughout the villages. Used water is also recycled in modular sewage treatment plants, which in turn produce Class A greywater. This greywater is used for the island's lush landscaping during the summer months.

B. Preservation of Marine Life 

Balesin Island Club takes great care in preserving its surrounding waters. Hence, illegal fishing of any kind is strictly prohibited. As a result of initiatives made, the island's marine ecosystem is once again thriving. There are many coral reefs found throughout the island and these have been preserved specifically for diving and sustainable fishing. Some of the different species you will encounter include Parrot Fish, Coral Fish, Yellowfin Tuna, Mahimahi, Grouper, and Deep Sea Crabs.

C. Aquaculture


While Balesin's waters teem with marine life, the Club, in line with its policy of preserving the natural environment, has also opted to cultivate and harvest seafood for its restaurants through specially made fish pens/ponds. This allows Balesin Island Club to remain as self-sufficient as possible, lessening the need for sourcing products from the mainland. Freshly caught Cream Dory and Hito (Catfish) are just a few of the varieties of seafood that members and guests enjoy while on the island.

The water from these ponds is what feeds our organic produce using hydroponic farming. The farm is carefully integrated with the island’s waste management program, ensuring that the biodegradable waste from the kitchens is effectively turned into useful compost to feed the plants.

D. Balesin Island Organic Gardens and Farm 


Benefitting from Balesin’s naturally fertile soil, Balesin Island Club’s Organic Gardens were set up to provide the village restaurants with fresh organic produce. Members and their guests can enjoy their salads knowing that they were picked straight from the garden daily and are free from any harmful chemical pesticides. The 50+ greenhouses strategically laid out alongside the runway are home to a variety of lowland vegetables such as lettuce, arugula, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, and numerous culinary herbs and spices.

E. Balesin Duck Farm


In the Family Picnic Grove area, a pond houses over 200 Pateros ducks, locally known as native ducks that are being cultivated and raised. These ducks produce the famous Filipino delicacies balut and penoy for guests and members to enjoy.

Organic waste from these ducks is then used at the farm as natural fertilizers.